January Favorites

Hello, Beauty 

Can you guess what today's topic is all about? You guessed right, BEAUTY. I know the New Year just started, but I'm already in love with so many skin care and beauty products. This year I wanted to share more about the products I love using daily, what works and what doesn't. Let's get started......


1. Clarisonic 

I got my Clarisonic Mia as a Secret Santa Christmas gift. Honestly, it's been the best device I've had for face wash. I've always been a big user of makeup remover wipes, but until recently, they weren't getting the job done. My Mia 1 takes all my makeup, off and I can instantly feel the difference on my skin. 





2. Banish Vitamin C Beauty Elixir 

Before trying the Banish Beauty Elixir, I was super hooked with M.A.C's Studio Moisture Fix. I thought I would never find anything like it, but then I meet Banish! It's been a week since I've started using their products, and so far this has to be one of my favorite out on the market. My skin felt hydrated and refreshed all day long. I do tend to have a little redness on my cheeks, so using the beauty elixir has helped calm the redness in those areas. 



3. Banish Vitamin C Serum 


I tend to have dry skin, so I've found that this product has kept my skin feeling hydrated and it balances out the natural oils on my face. I apply the serum to my foundation or right after I'm done taking off my makeup at the end of the day. The Vitamin C  in the serum helps your skin stay protected from damage, perfect for those summer vacation trips! Punta Cana, here I come. 




4. M.A.C Lip Scrub 


You can't forget about your lips, ladies. During the fall and winter season, my lips tend to get flaky and dry. No thanks! I recently bought this lip scrub from M.A.C (new collection), and it's kept my lips super smooth. I've noticed it's been easier to apply a smoother lipstick application after using it. I'll typically use it twenty minutes before applying my makeup and lipstick. 



5. Aveda



Last month I received this Aveda Stress-Fix body creme in a monthly subscription box.  I've been using it ever since; plus it's the perfect size for traveling. It has a lavender scent, and the thickness of the creme helps it last longer throughout the day. 

Let me know your thoughts, what you like or don't like.